Janel is a woman of rare vision, a passionate film maker, and dauntless advocate for giving babies the best possible start in life. As this film clearly demonstrates, she knows how to fight for fathers as well.    - David Chamberlain, Ph.D, psychologist, prenatal psychology pioneer, and author of Windows To the Womb.

The Other Side of the Glass is about a baby, a mama's and family's basic human right to labor and birth free of fear and intimidation. It is about protecting the emotional and physical connection between mom/dad/baby.  It is about love and peace for every soul entering this world and every family accepting this soul. -- Morgan Matthews, Doula

"We have two jobs, you know. The first thing is to stop the harming, and then the second is to heal those who have already been harmed. Do our best best to heal, right?" - Mike Hagan, father of two

The 10 minute fundraiser trailer, originally uploaded Sept 11,2009.

This is so needed. I watch over and over and over as fathers get swallowed in the fear of hospital birth practice. I am torn apart every time I see a father stand back and chew his knuckles while his wife is essentially assaulted or his baby is left to lie there screaming.       - Carrie Hankins, doula


Featuring David B. Chamberlain, PhD, co-founder of Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and author of  the classic, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby, and Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth, released in January 2013.

Watch a short of Dr. Chamberlain here:

Dr. David Chamberlain from The Other Side of the Glass on Vimeo. 

To call it a film or even a documentary does not really represent the scope of your offering.
It is more a manifesto on the origins of, and influences on, parenting and family life from the very beginning

In a way it is a stand alone early parenting course. It is the most inclusive and balanced mother/father/baby film I have seen. This is rare because few actually get the true significance and importance of father's influence on the baby's gestation, birth and breastfeeding experience, as well as on the mother.

- Patrick Houser, Fathers-to-be (UK)

The Other Side of the Glass shatters prevailing belief that men need to
be trained to be prepared to “protect their partner and baby” at birth, in the medical system.

Check out other excerpts of chapters on the youtube channel.