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Running time: 2:45, full film.  Includes six short films – Chapters 1-6, review of 7-10, an example of healing sessions, and the closing and credits.

The Other Side of the Glass shatters prevailing belief that men need to be trained to be prepared to “protect their partner and baby” at birth, in the medical system. Fathers, mothers, and birth workers are invited to embrace birth as a sacred moment in time for the Mother-Baby-Father.

The film implores everyone to see WHO the human baby really is and needs, and to stop the violation of newborns by creating a personal and cultural agenda to preserve the mama-baby relationship and connection at birth … wherever birth happens.

Thank you for your commitment to birth/babies, and for your care of mama-baby and fathers. Here’s to all the babies waiting to come to earth in the most gentle, safe, empowering way. It’s going to take all of us.

Healing birth,

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